Video Surveillance

Video surveillance acts as a powerful deterrent, while documenting movement, access, and identities in any given area. We design custom systems to capture and monitor relevant visual information about your premises. Our solutions include real-time surveillance, and monitored motion/event-activated capturing.

Access Control

When it comes to property management, controlling who goes where, when, and why can be a daunting challenge. Using various automated solutions, we implement an unprecedented level of control, movement tracking, and access that is both effective and easy to manage.


Internal communications, safety, and emergency procedures all require a robust and well-designed communication system to manage and mitigate. Our solutions combine technologies that deliver reliable and effective communication channels for property and building managers, visitors, and residents.

Panic Alarms Systems

For those working in public or institutional spaces where there’s a heightened level of physical threat, a networked system to request emergency help can make all the difference in the world. We’re experts at placing devices, installing systems that are covertly coded to prepare responders for the emergency, and verifying operation.

Intrusion Protection System

This network system protects your life and property by keeping the wrong people out of your spaces. An intrusion system can also protect physical property, and provides a notification in the event of a security breach or emergency. Our team has years of experience with first responders, security, and peace officers, which allows us to place and install these multi-device systems in the most optimal configuration.


When it comes to property access and security, intercoms are a small yet powerful part of the solution. Voice systems help identify people, allow for easier verification, and offer immediate communication between parties. From front doors and gates to parkade access, intercoms enhance both security and functionality.

Cellular and Wifi Extensions

Regardless of a building’s security features, personal mobile phones are the most common means of communication — but what if your property has areas with weak or no service? Boosting cellular signals or extending the Wifi network in parkades, stairwells, halls, and elevators improves safety for staff, visitors, and residents.

Elevator Voice Communication Systems

Found in every modern elevator, these voice communication systems are a critical safety feature. They provide a lifeline to security personnel and first responders for a person trapped in a jammed elevator where a cell phone may not work. We install, test, and retest these systems.

Custom safety and security solutions.